Karima Rehmani, M.A.


Educators’ perspectives on inclusive teaching practices in Early Childhood Care and Education settings in British Columbia: The role of teacher education and work experiences


Informed by a disability studies framework, Karima Rehmani’s qualitative study examined early childhood educators’ perspectives on inclusive teaching practices. Six semi-structured interviews were conducted to investigate the role of teacher education and work experiences in the development of educators’ inclusive teaching practices. Five themes were identified: The importance of “real world” experiences for inclusive teaching practices; The barriers that impede the development of inclusive teaching practices; Experiences at work that strengthen inclusive teaching practices; The role of practica in strengthening inclusive practices; and The importance of learning about different diagnoses. Recommendations address both early childhood teacher education programs leading to a Basic ECE certificate and/or Post-Basic ECE certificate in Special Needs and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) work environments in British Columbia (BC). Future research that builds directly upon this study is described.