FCEI 2021: Deaf Children, Families and Services: Embracing Diversity for Brighter Futures


The 5th International Conference on Family-Centred Early Intervention for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and their Families will take place once again in Bad Ischl in the beautiful Austrian Salzkammergut, from May, 26th – 29th, 2021.

The focus of this 2020 conference will be on Diversity, in all the different ways we experience it in this field: in the children themselves with the huge variation in their strengths and needs; in parents and families and the different circumstances in which they raise and support their children; and in the diversity of ways in which services are provided and families are served in culturally sensitive contexts.

FCEI is pleased to welcome a wide range of international keynote presenters, bringing their experience and expertise as parents and professionals, both Hearing and Deaf, who are engaged in research and evidence informed service innovation:

  • Shelia Moodie (Canada)
  • Jesper Dammeyer (Denmark)
  • Amber Joy Martin (US)
  • Mojo Mathers (New Zealand)
  • Djenne Amal Morris (US)
  • Susan Wiley (US)
  • Christie Yoshinaga-Itano (US)
  • Paula Pittman (US)

To explore the conference program use this link and to register please click here.