Assadullah Sadiq

Assadullah Sadiq ia a PhD candidate in the Department of Language and Literacy Education. His interest is in early literacy, more specifically in engaging literacies with refugees, understanding the literacy practices in refugee families and communities, and understanding the literacy practices (in and out of school) of students from marginalized low-income communities. He is also interested in institutions beyond schools, such as museums, that can meaningfully contribute to the literacies of diverse communities. Prior to joining UBC, Assadullah was an elementary school teacher in Boston, as well as a children’s museum educator. Assadullah received his BA (Honors: magna cum laude) at Northeastern University and MA (Honors: magna cum laude) at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Supervisors: Drs. Jim Anderson (LLED) and Marianne McTavish (LLED)
Committee: Dr. Marlene Asselin (LLED)